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Photo make and model year price seller city
Subaru   2006 AUD 23.990 Barloworld Holden Melbourne
Subaru   2011 AUD 1.499.000 Paul Wakeling Sydney
Subaru Foreste  2008 AUD 25.990 Torque Toyota Sydney
Subaru FORESTER  2003 AUD 1.899.000 DVG Wanneroo Adelaide
Subaru FORESTER  2008 AUD 24.899 cornestoyota Kalgoorlie-Boulder
Subaru FORESTER X 79V MY08 AWD  2008 AUD 27.990 Bridge Toyota Adelaide
Subaru Forester X AWD 79V MY05 Wagon  2005 AUD 15.990 Torque Ford Adelaide
Subaru FORESTER X AWD 79V MY08  2008 AUD 13.990 Bathurst Subaru Bathurst
Subaru FORESTER X AWD SKI FX S3  2010 AUD 13.990 Bathurst Subaru Bathurst
Subaru Forester XS 79V MY05 AWD  2005
s / p
Phill Gilbert Adelaide
Subaru FORESTER XS AWD 79V MY03  2002
s / p
Gold Star Autos Adelaide
Subaru FORESTER XT AWD LUXURY 79V MY06  2006 AUD 22.990 Downtown Toyota Adelaide
Subaru FORESTER XT AWD PREMIUM S3 MY10  2009 AUD 39.990 Downtown Toyota Adelaide
Subaru FORESTER XT MY09 WAGON  2008 AUD 31.990 Armstrong Auto Group Adelaide
Subaru FORESTER, MY11 X  2011 AUD 21.990 Steve Jarvin Nissan Adelaide
Subaru Impreza GX AWD Luxury S MY05 Sedan  2005 AUD 16.990 Torque Ford Adelaide
Subaru IMPREZA GX AWD S MY02  2002
s / p
Gold Star Autos Adelaide
Subaru Impreza Luxury S MY07 AWD  2007
s / p
Phill Gilbert Adelaide
Subaru IMPREZA RS AWD G3 MY10  2010
s / p
Hayes Augusta Port Augusta
Subaru IMPREZA RS G3 MY09 AWD  2009 AUD 25.990 Barloworld Holden Melbourne
Subaru IMPREZA WRX G3 MY10 AWD  2009 AUD 34.990 Barloworld Holden Melbourne
Subaru IMPREZA XV (AWD) MY11 HATCHBACK  2010 AUD 1.599.000 Paul Wakeling Sydney
Subaru IMPREZA XV AWD G3 MY11  2011 AUD 14.888 Sydney City Nissan Sydney
Subaru IMPREZA, MY11 XV (AWD)  2010 AUD 14.990 Steve Jarvin Nissan Adelaide
Subaru LIBERTY 2.5I LINEARTRONIC AWD 5GEN  2010 AUD 20.990 Bathurst Subaru Bathurst